Inspiring understanding through the world's best photojournalism

World Press Photo is a global platform for emerging and established professionals, showcasing work that draws public attention for topics and themes from every corner of the world. But in this digital age, anyone with a mobile phone has the potential to be the next 'citizen journalist', putting professional photography at risk. That led us to the question: how can World Press Photo stay relevant and continue its program of professional development for photographers everywhere?

We discovered that while World Press Photo’s audience ranges far and wide, they all have a passion for photojournalism and uncovering the truth. Visual journalism also has tremendous power to inspire and shape us. In recognition of this, we wanted to open up the stories behind the imagery. 

Our solution: a dynamic new brand proposition that would emphasize deeper understanding knowledge rather than fragmented information. We called it Inspire understanding

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Delivering a deeper understanding

Based on the belief that powerful images can make us think beyond what we already know, Inspire Understanding embraces and celebrates the role that photojournalism plays in the world, whilst supporting the people that give these stories a voice

Our brand proposition was implemented through a new online presence, brought to life across multiple channels. A reimagined web platform features navigation that encourages exploration, while delivering expanded background information on images, photographers and current events.

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Browsing the World Press Photo galleries leads visitors beyond the images themselves. Interviews with the photographers give further insights into why they covered the stories they did and the challenges surrounding them. Additional links give even wider context to both the photography and the subject.

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Easier to access, easier to manage

The customized site was developed to help visitors easily reach content according to category or photographer, as well as browse work from World Press Photo’s extensive archives. 

We made sure the system was flexible and robust enough for those managing the content at World Press Photo, so that updating the site could be done with minimal training or documentation.

Creating a striking new look

As part of the new positioning, World Press Photo's brand identity was also brought up to date. The simple, restrained logotype works more effectively on all online and offline channels, making World Press Photo even more recognisable across the world.

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"Great photojournalism is much more than mastery of the tools or publishing channels, which we can all access these days. We wanted to build a brand platform that respects the integrity of those who go to incredible lengths to bring us the stories that shape our world."