Smarter, simpler ideas come from a deeper understanding

Our world is busy, complex and always on. We go online the moment we wake up, and throughout the day. We make payments, make contact, make purchases and make noise. Every day we produce five petabytes of data, the equivalent of every word in humanity. By 2020, we'll be producing this every 10 seconds

So we partner with brands that seek real business transformation, pairing data with smart creative ideas to achieve profound business growth. We call this Creative Intelligence.

Creative Intelligence helps us better understand and address the needs of our clients and the people they want to reach. Our process works on three basic principles.

Deep Digs

People are beyond complicated. We use Creative Intelligence to help us form a more holistic view of their contradictory attitudes, behaviours and motivations. We do this by harnessing a blend of human-centred insight with deep-digging data science, which helps us form a better understanding of different communities, and identifying shared mindsets.

This way we can start using creativity to fulfil some simple human needs, while also solving big business problems in more focused and effective ways. It helps eliminate unnecessary trial and error, focuses exploration more sharply, and clarifies the criteria for evaluating ideas - increasing the odds of making ‘magic’.

Close Collaboration

Creative Intelligence not only drives strategy and makes for better briefs at the beginning, it also improves the entire creative and production process along the way. We engage and collaborate with audiences in more relevant ways to co-create, rapidly prototype, evaluate and optimise solutions that lead to more effective work.

This way of working not only helps teams make smarter decisions, but also helps them to better manage communication/collaboration with diverse stakeholders across organisations as well.

Long Games

It doesn't matter whether the goal is to position a brand, communicate better, engage more effectively, generate content and tools to drive participation, or optimise performance: Creative Intelligence can adapt to execute and sustain a diverse range of business strategies.

This means we can provide solutions that both quickly address immediate needs, while answering longer term objectives running in parallel.

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