A leading game studio’s brand world, taken to a new level.

Guerrilla Games’ brand and website needed to keep pace with an evolving industry as well as developments in design and best practice.

The launch of a new game franchise and the acquisition of a studio in the UK was the perfect opportunity to bring Guerrilla up to date. Our solution needed to do justice to their stunning work, highlight their strong, independent personality and attract the best people in the industry.

Guerrilla 1
Guerrilla 14
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As with all their games, Guerrilla gives free rein to their imagination, creating not just new creatures and settings, but complete languages and cultures.

Guerrilla 3

The new site reflects this abundance of creativity, with full screen imagery and video, as well as elegant functionality.

The website is holding people’s attention with a low bounce rate of 24%.

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Technical Excellence

Guerrilla’s pioneering game engines ensure a silky smooth game experience. Following this lead, the site uses a flexible, but secure CMS system.

Mobile templates were also made to integrate seamlessly with job application software for candidates on the go.

Guerrilla Jobs Mini I Pad

Despite using full screen imagery and video, average load time for a page is a brisk 2.5 seconds.

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Attention to Detail

Although not up for review, we nonetheless refined the weight of the logo for a more optically balanced look.

We also combined a bold, new typeface with a fresher colour palette to create an awesome, but welcome impression of the new Guerrilla.

Not only are job applications growing, but 25% of candidates continue to browse after submission.

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