An inspiring new identity for a global health and technology institute

The Amsterdam Health and Technology Institute is built on the principles of collaboration, entrepreneurship and innovation in healthcare. It plays a critical role in bringing together knowledge and expertise to resolve global health issues by accelerating the development of health technology solutions. 

This global leader required an identity that unified its diverse portfolio of interests and specialties to a common cause. And this solution needed to work across all markets around the world – while keeping their Amsterdam heritage at the core.

So, we developed a positioning, brand architecture, and identity design system that accommodates its diverse functions with a flexibility for future growth. 

Ahti Stationary Banner
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An identity to rally behind

We took their pillars of collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship as our starting point to create a brand story and identity that attracts top talent - all in the pursuit of bringing about real change in healthcare. 

Designed for multiple touch points, the modular identity works across a range of educational, governmental, and commercial partnerships – while reinforcing ahti’s leading role in the health and innovation sector. 

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A unifying architecture

With international Living Labs, a health technology incubator, and a pivotal role in a new international health and technology park in Amsterdam, we created a brand architecture that brings it all together, while still giving each entity its own voice and purpose. 

Ahti Healthandtechpark

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Telling the story to the world

Everything comes together on the ahti website – designed and built in close collaboration with all stakeholders to tell a brand story and attract the world’s best talent into the fold.

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