Lasting memories from a baby’s first years, shared and published

The first years are a particularly special time for parents, but there hasn’t been a convenient way to document them in a way that fits intuitively with their online habits. We decided to help moms and dads gather, share and publish their most memorable moments by integrating them with existing online behaviour.

We created a Facebook application, which parents use to collect their baby pictures, together with comments from friends and family. These can then be printed as a high quality book for a gift or keepsake.

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Simple to use

All comments and likes are automatically added with each photo and users can easily share their creations with friends and family.

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181,000 Baby Books have been created across 38 markets.

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Choice of designs

Users choose from a range of themes, colours, filters and stickers to create a completely personalized book.

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As Pampers’ first digital ‘goodwill’ product, Baby Book has earned 5,5M impressions and 2,5M story likes.

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A book to hold

Printing a book creates a lasting physical record, not just for baby, but also for friends and family who have shared in its creation.


Average time of 8,25 minutes on site preparing Baby Book layouts.

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Article 1090 H

"Easy to use and fun, ‘Baby book’ has helped Pampers connect with parents on their terms, while showing the brand to be both generous and creative."